Work in progress: Online resource platform for mathematics education

Llorens, M. and Nevin, E. and Mageean, E. (2014) Work in progress: Online resource platform for mathematics education. [Conference Proceedings]

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Mathematics is intrinsic to engineering and as such plays an integral role in the education of engineers. New challenges are being faced in higher education particularly in the areas of student motivation, engagement and attainment. As a result mathematics is often the focus of engineering education research. Traditional methods of delivery such as lectures and tutorials need to evolve to counter these challenges with new pedagogical approaches explored including the use of new technologies. Today's students are immersed in an increasingly technological world and are willing to adapt to new technological advances. This paper describes a study being undertaken in the College of Engineering and the Built Environment at the Dublin Institute of Technology to develop and explore the use of a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) that integrates a web-based platform for the study of mathematics as part of an active learning constructivist setting. Students will utilise graphics tablets to create online content consisting of solutions to mathematical problems which will then be used by other students to reinforce core concepts. The platform will provide active support to engineering students especially those in their first year of study and mature students returning to education. It is expected that early use of the platform will help identify areas of weakness and provide the self-learning environment required for students to become more proficient in those areas. By challenging the student to demonstrate an active engagement in their learning and by encouraging the meaningful use of technology in the classroom, an improvement in the quality of learning that students experience should be realised. © 2014 AISTI.

Item Type: Conference Proceedings
Additional Information: Conference code: 107108; Export Date: 23 February 2015; References: Williamson, S., Hirst, C., Bishop, P., Croft, T., Supporting mathematics education in UK engineering departments (2003) International Conference on Engineering Education, , Valencia, Spain, July; Carr, M., Fidalgo, C., De Almeida, E.B., Branco, J.R., Santos, V., Maths diagnostic testing in engineering: Dublin institute of technology and coimbra institute of engineering (2013) Engineering Education (CISPEE), 2013, 1st International Conference of the Portugese Society for, pp. 1-9. , IEEE; Bovill, C., Cook-Sather, A., Felten, P., Students as co-creators of teaching approaches, course design, and curricula: Implications for academic developers (2011) International Journal for Academic Development, 16 (2), pp. 133-145. , June; Anderson, R., McDowell, L., Simon, B., Use of classroom presenter in engineering courses (2005) Frontiers in Education, 2005, FIE'05, Proceedings 35th Annual Conference, pp. T2G-13. , IEEE; McCabe, A., O'Connor, U., Student-centred learning: The role and responsibility of the lecturer (2013) Teaching in Higher Education, ,; Prince, M., Does active learning work? A review of the research (2004) Journal of Engineering Education, 9 (3), pp. 223-231; Greene, H., Crespi, C., The value of student created videos in the college classroom - An exploratory study in marketing and accounting (2012) International Journal of Arts & Sciences, 5 (1), pp. 273-283; McCartan, C., McNally, T., Hermon, J., An evaluation of active learning strategies applied to engineering mathematics (2011) Proceeding of the 7th International CDIO Conference, pp. 20-23. , Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, June; Fielding, M., Radical collegiality: Affirming teaching as an inclusive professional practice (1999) The Australian Educational Researcher, 26 (2), pp. 1-34; Carrillo, A., Cejudo, J.M., Dominquez, F., Rodriguez, E., Graphics tablet technology in second year thermal engineering teaching (2013) Journal of Technology and Science Education, 3 (3), pp. 102-112; Llorens, M., Use of on-line video for mathematics peer instruction: Apilot study (2013) Proceedings 7th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, pp. 4411-4415. , INTED2013
Uncontrolled Keywords: active learning; engineering mathematics; graphics tablets; student engagement; student learning experience; Artificial intelligence; Computer aided instruction; Engineering education; Information systems; Teaching; Student learning experiences; Students
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