Orientations to civic engagement: Insights into the sustainability of a challenging pedagogy

Boland, J. A. (2014) Orientations to civic engagement: Insights into the sustainability of a challenging pedagogy. pp. 180-195. ISSN 03075079 (ISSN)

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Civic engagement in higher education encompasses a diversity of goals, strategies and activities. These include particular approaches to teaching and learning - community-based or service learning - which share an explicit civic focus and combine the features of experiential learning with opportunities for engagement. A range of 'orientations' towards civic engagement can be discerned amongst those associated with these initiatives, reflecting different values and priorities. These orientations inform a diversity of academic strategies and practices and have consequences for sustainability. This article draws on findings from a multi-site case study within Irish higher education, and reports how aspects of this nascent but growing phenomenon highlight some of the tensions, paradoxes and sources of ambivalence which are characteristic of contemporary higher education. The findings highlight the challenge of reconciling competing goals and values within higher education for those seeking to infuse the curriculum with a sense of the civic. © 2012 © 2012 Society for Research into Higher Education.

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Additional Information: Export Date: 23 February 2015; Correspondence Address: Boland, J. A.; School of Education, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland; email: josephine.boland@nuigalway.ie; References: Annette, J., Character, civic renewal and service learning for democratic citizenship in higher education (2005) British Journal of Educational Studies, 53, pp. 326-340; Avila, M., (2006) Community organising techniques as a model to transform academic and civic culture: Building a relationship of culture, , Athlone, Ireland, Athlone, Ireland,: Service Learning Academy; Barnett, R., Coate, K., (2005) Engaging the curriculum in higher education, , Buckingham, UK, Buckingham,: Open University Press; Bassey, M., (1999) Case study research in educational settings, , Buckingham, UK, Buckingham,: Open University Press; Becher, T., Trowler, P., (2001) Academic tribes and territories, , Buckingham, UK, Buckingham,: Open University Press; Bjarnason, S., Coldstream, P., (2003) The idea of engagement: Universities in society, , London, London,: Association of Commonwealth Universities; Boland, J., (2008) Embedding a civic dimension within the higher education curriculum: A study of policy, process and practice in Ireland, , Edinburgh, Edinburgh,: University of Edinburgh; Boland, J., Teaching and learning through civic engagement: Prospects for sustainability in teacher education (2010) Issues in Educational Research, 20, pp. 1-20; Boyer, E.L., (1990) Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities for the professoriate, , Princeton, NJ, Princeton, NJ,: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; Boyer, E.L., The scholarship of engagement (1996) Journal of Public Service and Outreach, 1, pp. 11-20; Cowan, J., The atrophy of the affect (2005) Values in higher education, pp. 159-177. , In: Robinson S., Katulushi C., editors Leeds, UK, Leeds,: Aureus Publishing; Edwards, M., (2004) Civil society, , Cambridge, Cambridge,: Polity Press; Fear, F.A., Rosaen, C., Bawden, R., Foster-Fishman, P.G., (2006) Coming to critical engagement: An ethnographic exploration, , Lanham, MD, Lanham, MD,: University Press of America; Furco, A., Miller, W.L., Issues in benchmarking and assessing institutional engagement (2009) New Directions for Higher Education, 147, pp. 47-54; Gomm, R., Hammersley, M., Foster, P., (2000) Case study method, , London, London,: Sage; Gonzalez-Perez, M.-A., MacLabhrainn, I., McIlrath, L., The civic purpose and avowed mission higher education institutions - Diversity or uniformity? 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(1995) Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 2, pp. 123-133
Uncontrolled Keywords: academic role; civic engagement; community-based learning; orientations to practice; service learning
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